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Your Creation Starts With Imagination

Fencing Options

At CoVA Fence, we will provide you with an array of high quality fencing options to choose from. We offer multiple brands of fencing, ranging from 4' H, 6' H, and 8' H, allowing you to find the perfect fencing solution for your property. Our experienced team will help you design and install the fence that you desire, so if your imagination is beyond what is shown here, do not worry! We are available to design and build the fence that you truly desire.


Ornamental Fence

At CoVA Fence, we specialize in custom fence designs and installations for residential and commercial properties. We understand that your home and property are special and that's why we provide a wide variety of materials and styles to meet your needs. Our ornamental fence comes in both aluminum and steel options. Depending on the strength of the fence desired, ornamental fence is installed with either a 2 rail system or a 3 rail system. We also offer puppy pickets for those looking to keep their furry family members from exploring too far. With our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust CoVA Fence to provide quality fencing solutions.

3 rail ornamental fence with puppy pickets

Vinyl Fence

At CoVA Fence, we understand that the look of your home should reflect your style and personality. That’s why we provide a variety of fencing options to fit your needs. Our high-quality vinyl fencing comes in a wide array of styles to accommodate your dream yard. We offer 6' H privacy, 6' H privacy/lattice, 4' H post and rail, and 4' H picket vinyl fencing, as well as a range of colors to choose from. With us, you’ll be able to find a style that works for you and your home.

6 ft white vinyl fence

Two Tone Vinyl Fence

At CoVA Fence, we strive to make your outdoor space the oasis you’ve been dreaming of. We specialize in fencing and provide a variety of options to fit your needs and budget. Our experienced team takes the time to sit down with you and discuss what your ideal yard looks like. With our two-tone options, you’ll be sure to have your guests saying “wow” when they see your beautiful fencing. Let CoVA Fence help make your dream yard a reality.

6 ft Two Tone vinyl fence

Horizontal Wood Fence

Our Horizontal wood fence is the perfect choice for any homeowners who want to add security and privacy to their home. With its horizontal slats, this fence has a unique look that will stand out compared to the traditional vertical slats. It is made of high-quality wood that is durable and will last for years to come. Installation is easy and straightforward, making it the perfect choice for any homeowner. With this fence, you can enjoy the security and privacy you need without compromising on style.


Vertical Wood Fence

The Vertical Wood Fence is the perfect solution when you need to provide both security and privacy. This type of fence is made from strong, durable wood and comes in a variety of sizes and styles. It is an ideal choice for residential or commercial properties, as it is strong enough to keep out potential intruders while also providing a sense of privacy. With the right design and installation, the Vertical Wood Fence will be an attractive, reliable addition to your property.

6ft Wood Privacy Fence
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